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Strategies For Making Our New Year’s Resolutions Stick - Mako Consultants Inc.jpg

The wait is over: 2020 is here! And now that we’ve got the ball rolling, the overwhelming feeling in the Mako Consultants office is gratitude. We’re thankful for this company and the career journeys that we’re on, but most of all we appreciate this team and the chance to work together to fulfill all our goals for the coming year.

We have a lot of fun things planned, like team nights, giveback events, and holiday parties, but we’ll be pretty busy hitting some ambitious objectives too. Here are some tips we’re reminding each other of as we work through our New Year’s resolutions:

  • Make Minor Adjustments: We encourage one another to make small course corrections that will add up to big changes in direction over time. For example, rather than getting up an hour earlier every day starting tomorrow, we recommend waking up five minutes earlier, and then three days later setting the alarm clock five minutes earlier than that, until we’re waking up an hour earlier than we were when we set the goal.
  • One Habit at a Time: Sweeping behavioral changes are overwhelming, and hard to maintain. We find it best to identify one keystone habit and focus on that, then watch as the rest of our behaviors fall into line. Exercise, eating healthy, waking up early, journaling – each of these have worked as keystone habits for members of Team Mako Consultants.

It’s pretty great to be part of a team that wants each of us to be our best self. Follow Mako Consultants on LinkedIn to find out how you can join our crew.