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We’re Ready To Build On Our 2019 Success - Mako Consultants Inc.jpg

This has been an amazing year for Mako Consultants, marked by well-deserved promotions, fun team nights, and infusions of new talent. We pushed right past so many of our goals and created a ton of momentum for 2020. Not only are we diving into an exciting new year, we’re opening up a whole new decade with a lot of optimism. If 2019 was any indication, we’ll be celebrating some truly remarkable achievements this time next year.

As we reflect on everything we accomplished in the past year, we’re also refining our goal-setting strategies. For one thing, we’re getting as specific as possible with every major Mako Consultants objective for 2020. We know that the clearer the visions of success we create, the better equipped we’ll be to work right through to a successful outcome. Knowing exactly where we want to go allows us to measure our progress, make the right adjustments, and direct our energies in the best ways.

We’re also putting firm deadlines in place for our 2020 targets. It’s motivating to have a date in mind when we set out to accomplish something, whether it’s a big project or a small milestone that leads to a major outcome. We can also rally around each other when we know we’re working toward a clear date on the calendar.

Our optimism for a great 2020 continues to build. If you’d like to stay up to date on all our team pursuits, check out our Mako Consultants Newswire feed.