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Having lots of chances to travel is a key part of the Mako Consultants experience. Right now, we’re looking forward to a variety of 2019 excursions, including an awesome R&R retreat coming up in October. Jeremiah, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that this trip will be filled with good food, team members who have turned into friends, and plenty of time to relax and reset.

When it comes to attending retreats, the ability to gain a fresh perspective is a key benefit. We look at current and future objectives in totally different lights when we venture far from home, which helps us devise innovative strategies for attaining them. The fact that we can also soak up the wisdom of other high achievers from across the country is just icing on the cake.

We also tend to enjoy greater productivity around the Mako Consultants office after a team travel event. By getting away from the stresses of everyday work for a while, we recharge our motivation and come back home ready to apply revitalized thinking to every new challenge.

Retreats also offer unique networking potential, because they put successful people together in laid-back settings. It’s easier to discuss our goals and share advice when the focus is on relaxation. The connections we forge during these events often turn into helpful long-term bonds as a result.

Big things are to come this October, and we can’t wait to reveal where we’ll be going and what the retreat will entail. Like Mako Consultants on Facebook to receive updates on this and all our rewarding team trips.