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One of the best perks of joining Team Mako Consultants is our firm’s commitment to continuing education. We have in-office training programs twice a month as well as manuals to make sure we’re ready for any situation. Jeremiah, our firm’s Director of Operations, believes that preparing team members for success is a great investment in the long run.

Growth-oriented mentalities are essential for success in our competitive industry. That’s why we emphasize the right types of mind-sets as we pursue our developmental goals around the Mako Consultants office. We’ve learned that self-awareness is a key first step toward adopting a growth mind-set. It’s important to regularly take stock of strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve meaningful improvement.

Challenging ourselves also helps us maintain growth mind-sets. We set the bar higher with every professional and personal success, pushing beyond our current skills in the process. New challenges inspire us to take positive steps toward improvement every time. By putting ambitious targets in place, we also fortify our commitment to constant learning. The more we build our knowledge bases, the more aggressive we get when establishing future objectives. This ambitious cycle helps us post progressively bigger wins for our national service partners.

We’re committed to daily improvement and further expansion. Like Mako Consultants on Facebook for more details on our learning culture and updates on our ongoing growth.