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We love being part of the Dallas community as we expand Mako Consultants’ influence in the marketplace. Jeremiah, our firm’s Director of Operations, noted that our team has performed so well lately that we’ve earned some incredible incentives. We’ve attended Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars games with our colleagues as rewards for our outstanding performance. We’re all looking forward to our next morale-boosting group outing.

There are so many perks that come with being part of our team. Along with plenty of chances to enjoy team nights in the Dallas area, we can also earn our way to rewarding industry events. At leadership conferences, networking functions, and other gatherings, we sharpen our skill sets and add valuable names to our contact lists.

Recognition is one of the hallmarks of the Mako Consultants work culture. We set aside time to recognize top performers on a regular basis, sometimes with a few words of praise in front of the entire team. Something as simple as being highlighted during a meeting can be enough to inspire better performance from everyone in our office. We all want to be the next person to earn the spotlight or qualify for a memorable excursion.

Our work atmosphere is a supportive one in which excellence is rewarded. Follow Mako Consultants on Instagram to learn more about our culture and get updates on our standout performers.