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Among the many focal points of our Mako Consultants training program, public speaking skills seem to occupy an especially important place. The benefits of working to become an effective speaker are many, so it’s well worth the efforts that go into honing this key ability. Here are a few techniques we’ve found helpful in sharpening our speaking prowess:

  • Being Prepared: There’s really no substitute for preparation when it comes to impressing as a public speaker. We’ve found that enough practice makes our speeches feel like they’re completely off the cuff. When we can create natural connections with people in this way, we’re more likely to be remembered in a positive light.
  • Use Bullet Points: Rather than writing out our remarks, we use bullet points to keep ourselves on track without sounding overly rehearsed. With a few key ideas to guide us, we can better relate our passion for our topics.
  • Tell Stories: This is perhaps the best strategy we’ve found for connecting with our listeners. We try to include memorable anecdotes early in our Mako Consultants speeches to hook our audience members. From there, we organize our remarks to have a narrative feel so that everyone listening can make a personal connection.

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