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ATLANTA, GA – For the next two months, the Mako Consultants office will participate in a Championship Competition against top leaders across the nation for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to an exotic location.

“This is one of the biggest competitions we’ve seen to date,” said Jeremiah, Mako Consultants Director of Operations. “Our people are psyched to take part in such a huge event.”

As Jeremiah noted, the Mako Consultants team will compete against industry leaders nationwide for this travel opportunity. “The top 10 sales leaders will enjoy one of two travel perks, depending on how they place,” he said. “The top five leaders will be headed to Hawaii and the other five leaders will travel to Key West. Either way, it’s a great incentive.”

The contest will last two months, after which time those who have reached certain milestones and outperformed the rest will receive word on where they’re headed. “This is a time for our top sales leaders to relax and celebrate their hard work,” Jeremiah said. “It is so great that our leaders get rewarded with such amazing trips. Both locations are wonderful places to have a retreat. I know our people are working hard as they vie for one of these coveted spots. The competition is stiff, but they all have the right stuff.”

Mako Consultants Director of Operations on the Benefits of Travel Opportunities

As Jeremiah stated, travel perks are one of the ways that Mako Consultants rewards people for hard work. “We frequently send our top sales leaders on trips,” he said. “Some are purely educational, like training opportunities in other regions. We also send people to big cities like Dallas, Texas to attend national leadership conferences in which they meet and network with industry experts. In the past, our people have earned spots for exotic retreats in locations like the Bahamas, Las Vegas, and the Dominican Republic.”

“There’s a decided advantage for both the associates who attend these events and the company,” Jeremiah said. “These travel opportunities tend to inspire people to hustle and push the boundaries to qualify. When they return, they have so much to share with the rest of the company. This could be a new technique or something they discovered which works in other regions that we can try here. Of course, being away from the office together is a great time to get to know one another and form stronger bonds.”

“This competition takes everything to a new level,” Jeremiah concluded. “It’s going to be fascinating to watch how things progress over the next two months. Good luck to everyone.”

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