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ATLANTA, GA – The President of Mako Consultants reviews his team’s achievements from 2017, and cites several expectations for the new year. Covering expansion, travel opportunities, future promotions, and more.

“To review 2017, it was a remarkable year for my team, and because of them we have been very successful.” said Jeremiah, Mako Consultants’ Director of Operations. “My goals at the beginning of last year were to stay the number one office in the country, and we did just that and more,” Jeremiah stated. “I was also honored to be recognized as rookie manager of the year. Promotions were awarded to five assistant managers, and we saw some huge company expansion. We now have locations in Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, and Birmingham.”

“Certain core values drive our mission,” added Jeremiah. “Our principles are to help our people, our partners, and businesses reach new heights. We aim to raise our standards and way of life every day, and to do it with integrity, humility, and honesty. It’s exciting to make a difference in people’s lives. After all, sometimes all they need is an opportunity to get to the next level.”

Mako Consultants Director of Operations Gets Team Energized for 2018

“Now it’s time to redirect our sights on the future, and it’s looking quite bright,” continued Jeremiah. “We’re looking forward to fun travel opportunities, for instance. There are trainings, conferences, and even a retreat lined up. Promotions are on the horizon as well. My goal is to move into the regional consultant position. I also expect to see five first-generation promotions, two second-generation promotions, and $100,000 in sales for eight consecutive weeks.”

According to Jeremiah, Mako Consultants will expand into eight locations by the end of 2018 and lead the way with the firm’s top telecom campaign. He indicated that such ambitious goals are important because they define vision and give the team direction. His motto is to never settle, never lose, and to always be number one.

“On a personal note, when I hit my goals this year I plan to take a trip to South Africa and go great white shark cage diving,” Jeremiah concluded. “They’ve always been dreams of mine. It’s my way of setting the example that knowing where someone wants to go and what he or she wants to accomplish – along with the purpose behind it – is imperative on the road to success. With this mind-set, I will ensure that Mako Consultants continues as an industry leader throughout the next five years. I also see us having 40 expansions and overseeing an entire campaign. Full steam ahead!”

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