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Technology evolves by the day, taking the modern workplace and the business landscape along with it. To keep Mako Consultants relevant and ahead of the game, we reject convention and innovate at a constant pace.

For example, traditional management is fading and coaching is swiftly taking its place. The role of manager has generally been to make sure people meet expectations. We’ve learned that it’s far more effective for leaders to offer guidance, encouragement, and praise. These efforts lead to high engagement and performance.

Once upon a time, the workplace was akin to a conveyor belt. Activity was monotonous. Now, robots and AI handle the repetitive work and people manage them. It requires a high degree of tech-savvy, and we’re on top of it. The result is enhanced efficiency throughout Mako Consultants.

Although process is still important, creativity has risen to prominence. If we do the same things in the same ways all the time, we will always produce the same results. To expand our potential, we employ unique ideas and attempt unusual methods to deliver new and exciting outcomes.

Flat structures are becoming more popular as well. We do look to managers, but they work alongside us instead of above us. This way, there is free exchange of information and we all have a say in team and company decisions. These strategies allow us to keep pace in a rapidly changing environment.

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