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The most admired leaders are informed, capable, and confident. Regardless of their talent, they face special duties. The guidance and engagement of their people top the list. The level of responsibility they face is quite high. How do they do it? The Mako Consultants management training teaches mindfulness. We cover the following:

Mental Presence: The first step of mindful leadership is to be present mentally. This is perhaps most important when communicating with colleagues. We are attentive during Mako Consultants meetings, for instance. We listen closely to what people say instead of thinking about our work or forming responses when others are still speaking.

Thoughtful Decision Making: Mindfulness plays a vital role in effective decision making as well. We first consider all relevant data. Then we apply it to home in on the best possible solutions. In the process, we are cognizant of biases and aware of our instincts.

Empowerment: Great leaders empower their people. By challenging workers, putting faith in their processes, and trusting them to produce top results, frontrunners offer ample support and motivation. Their praise and coaching efforts made a big difference too.

Self-Care: Self-care consists of things like daily exercise and healthy rest routines. Putting our well-being first ensures mental presence. Instead of feeling burned out, we can stay focused on the success of our people.

Mindfulness enables us to stretch our potential. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire