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We have an empowering environment at Mako Consultants headquarters, and one of the many benefits of this is that we attract some great people to be part of our organization. This month we’ve invited Allie, our talented admin, to share her story.

When asked what interested her about our company, Allie had a unique response. “Honestly, I was motivated by the challenge itself,” she said. “I wasn’t excited about any career prospects I had, and I wanted the chance to really prove what I could accomplish. Mako Consultants is a place where I can truly explore my potential.”

Allie found the challenge she was looking for pretty quickly. “In my first few weeks here, I learned a lot about what I wanted out of a career,” she added. “I also discovered goals that I was excited about, and began to establish action steps that would help me get from where I was to where I wanted to be.”

Now that Allie has established herself in a leadership position, she takes responsibility for mentoring her team members. “Every day, I work to be as useful and trustworthy as possible, and be a good role model to other associates. I want everyone to learn how to stay motivated by the right things while being able to keep the bigger picture in mind.”

We appreciate all that Allie does, and the standard of excellence she brings to work with her every day. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire