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The Mako Consultants Director of Operations detailed the team’s latest trip, which consisted of a rest and relaxation retreat. He emphasized the benefits of the gathering as well as the experience of travel. We attend these retreats on an annual basis,” said Jeremiah, Mako Consultants’ Director of Operations. “This year, we went to the Dominican Republic. It was great! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and had lots of fun with the other industry leaders in attendance.”

Luis and Cameron were the team members who accompanied the Director on the trip. Jeremiah indicated that the excursion resulted in many positive outcomes for Mako Consultants. With so many successful people in attendance, for example, the associates fostered multiple new relationships and fueled the fire of existing connections. Healthy professional networks are crucial to professional development, so the retreat opened doors to lots of potential opportunities.

“There was also a huge award ceremony,” stated Jeremiah. “All the top leaders in the nation were recognized and I was awarded the Rookie Owner of the Year award, which was an amazing honor. My colleagues witnessed firsthand all that is possible in this field. They were inspired to continue reaching for the stars, knowing there is no limit to what they can achieve. Everyone returned to the office feeling more focused, creative, and energetic. These outcomes – on top the bonding they did during the trip – have really enhanced performance.”

Mako Consultants Director of Operations Explains How Travel Contributes to Success According to Jeremiah, the act of travel itself also offers multiple benefits to those who partake in it. Although many people associate it with the frustration of lost luggage and the boredom of delayed flights, the Mako Consultants frontrunner suggested that such experiences spark personal growth. “When a flight has been cancelled, for instance, it’s time to collect yourself and determine what you will do next. You must think on your feet, solve the problem, and generally roll with the punches. All these abilities are vital to success.”

Travel is also an opportunity to gain fresh perspectives. Jeremiah noted that the experience of visiting an unfamiliar location allowed the team to learn about another culture and explore different ways of living. Efforts such as learning about the local history and trying regional cuisine enable people to approach challenges and activities from other points of view. It fuels empathy, understanding, and communication.

“These are just a few of the reasons travel is part of Mako Consultants culture,” Jeremiah concluded. “It’s an excellent reward for hard work, and my colleagues and I are already thinking about the next adventure.”

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