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Several Mako Consultants associates recently attended a leadership conference in Cancun, Mexico. According to Jeremiah, the company Director of Operations, this trip was a major success.

Jeremiah indicated that the attendees from Mako Consultants gathered with customer acquisition professionals from around the country. The event was an all-inclusive industry retreat that took place over Labor Day weekend 2017. His associates were working hard to earn the chance to attend during the past three months.

“This getaway takes place each year and is an exciting event for everyone,” Jeremiah stated. “It is a chance to learn and grow professionally as well as an opportunity for rest and relaxation. I was thrilled to be able to bring seven team members with me to this event. We all had a wonderful time and gained a lot from the experience.”

Luis, Sierra, Josh, Scotty, Cameron, Jordan, and Gaige joined Jeremiah representing Mako Consultants. The group went scuba diving, on a boat cruise, and out to dinner in the tropical destination. Beyond relaxation, they also had the chance to network with other top performers from the industry. They picked up new ideas and strategies while sharing some of their own experiences.

“The networking was where the real value came from,” Jeremiah asserted. “We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of our field. Getting together with our peers from around the industry is the perfect way to keep up to date. We came back to the office with plenty of new plans. The whole team is buzzing with energy following this exciting trip.”

Mako Consultants’ Director of Operations on the Benefits of Travel According to Jeremiah, traveling is an opportunity open to every Mako Consultants team member. They regularly send people to conferences and trainings. He explained that professional development is essential to lasting success. However, travel also has benefits for team building.

“Having the shared experience of visiting a tropical location really builds bonds,” he continued. “Even seeing each other outside the office at a networking event can work wonders. It helps to deepen our relationships and strengthen trust between our associates.”

He added that travel can help some people rise up when leadership is needed. Team structure is less formal when on the road, so sometimes a new individual may prove to be a valuable resource for the rest of the group.

“Travel is a great way to build stronger teams,” Jeremiah concluded. “It is something every business like Mako Consultants should consider.”

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