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Business expansion is a mark of success, and we’re excited to announce that Mako Consultants has entered the Birmingham, Alabama market. It’s an amazing growth opportunity. We’re ready to spread our expertise through the area. The fact that there are so many talented people in the region is a bonus.

According to our Mako Consultants Director of Operations, “It’s all about the University of Alabama here. The culture is shaped by college students and millennials. We have summer internships going, and a couple of our interns have even been promoted to leadership!”

Mako Consultants’ internship program offers big opportunities to driven individuals. They enjoy hands-on learning in the practice of customer acquisition. Working closely with our leaders, they also learn about all aspects of our business. They can further focus their development on sales, marketing, management, communication, and public relations.

Here are some of the contributions our interns make to our team:

Fresh Perspectives: People who are new to the field aren’t entrenched in the usual ways of doing things. They have fresh ideas and unique ways of looking at things. Younger people are also likely to bring the latest tech insights to the table.

Extra Hands: Our office is a busy place! We welcome the hard work of our interns. They help with campaign design, project launch, and more. The value they offer does not go unnoticed.

Our expansion to Birmingham is already a proven success. Check out our Newswire for more details about our business growth and internship program.