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Most business leaders think of themselves as ethical professionals, but our Mako Consultants, Inc. executives know this isn’t always the truth. We would like to highlight a few questions you need to ask yourself to determine if your ethics are as solid as you think.

Begin by considering if your thoughts are always matched by your actions. In other words, your criteria for judging your own actions should be the same you would use to judge someone else’s. This is more difficult than it sounds, because we never seem to be completely honest with ourselves.

You must also ask yourself if you overpromise on a regular basis, because it’s really just a form of lying that ends up disappointing many people. We at Mako Consultants, Inc. want you to remember that everything you promise is a commitment not only to yourself, but to your entire team as well.

The way you deliver bad news is another hallmark of your ethical fitness, and you need to ask yourself how you could do it better. If you’re handing off the responsibility to do so, start changing that approach right now. Make it a point to break bad news to your team members face to face, and don’t wait too long to do so.

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