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ATLANTA, GA – A contingent of Mako Consultants, Inc.’s top performers recently attended a leadership conference in Dallas. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the event and shared his tips for making the most of conferences.

Seven top sales professionals and three other standout performers from the Mako Consultants, Inc. team attended a rewarding leadership conference in February. Company leaders emphasize travel to all types of industry events, and this conference provided ample opportunities for team members to expand their horizons and make valuable connections. Jeremiah, the Director of Operations, stated, “This meeting was only for the best as top leaders from all over the country came together to share best practices.”

Jeremiah spoke during the owner’s meeting held at the conference. He explained, “I focused on productive morning and evening routines during my presentation, and I also spoke at the leader’s seminar about how to set a good example for your team.” The Director was honored to represent Mako Consultants, Inc. at the national event, and he’s already looking forward to the next conference.

The leadership conference featured sessions focusing on mentoring and how to build up a winning team. Jeremiah remarked, “In addition to having the chance to network with influential leaders and gain more product knowledge, our Mako Consultants, Inc. associates were able to set clearer goals for future growth. They met highly accomplished professionals and learned the secrets to their success.”

Mako Consultants, Inc.’s Director of Operations Offers Conference Advice

There are a few simple tips Jeremiah shares with Mako Consultants, Inc. team members before every big industry gathering. “You can make the most of a conference if you know how to prepare,” he added. With the right strategies before the event starts, you will return home with an array of fresh insights and helpful connections.”

Jeremiah mentioned how important it is to start by going over the agenda a few days before an event gets underway. Professionals need to know when and where the most relevant sessions and speeches will be occurring. There may also be roundtable discussions that touch on valuable subjects, so it’s crucial to review the itinerary and make plans accordingly.

“You can also find an attendee list on the event website or its social media pages. This list is the key to boosting your networking efforts, and Mako Consultants, Inc. team members are always sure to use it to their advantage. It’s much easier to set your networking targets and schedule meetings if you know who will be in attendance,” the Director concluded. “I encourage my team members to do some LinkedIn research after they confirm the guest list. It’s a great way to find some common ground before meeting someone face to face.”

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