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ATLANTA, GA – Associates at Mako Consultants, Inc. recently participated in a toy drive for Toys for Tots. The firm’s Director discussed the importance of supporting this cause, and future goals for the company.

“I’m incredibly proud that the Mako Consultants, Inc. team has decided to get involved with the Toys for Tots program,” stated Jeremiah, the firm’s Director of Operations. “This organization has a fascinating history, with an amazing list of celebrities that have gotten involved over the years. For example, the train logo was designed by Walt Disney himself! On top of that, Sammy Davis Jr., Ann Margaret, Kenny Rogers, and Nancy Reagan are all among the high-profile figures that have served as spokespeople. Most importantly, though, it has distributed hundreds of millions of toys – if not billions – since its inception in 1947.”

Mako Consultants, Inc. associates will spend the entire month of December collecting items. Not only is the office an official drop site for the Toys for Tots Foundation, but team members are donating themselves as well. According to the Jeremiah, there is a need for 900,000 toys this year in the greater Atlanta area, and 350,000 children who will benefit from the program.

“It’s sad to think there is that much need just in the city of Atlanta alone, but feeling bad about it won’t make a difference. It’s really exciting to make a difference in the lives of children who deserve a happy holiday, and I know my Mako Consultants, Inc. colleagues feel the same way.”

The Importance of Goal Setting to Future Success at Mako Consultants, Inc.

Jeremiah and the Mako Consultants, Inc. crew have made giveback efforts one of the many company goals that they work to fulfill through the year. He recognizes that not all businesses have goals that revolve around charity work, but he feels that this is one of the firm’s special elements.

“If it’s important to you or your company, there should be a goal attached to it,” Jeremiah declared. “They function like a roadmap, but also as fuel for forward momentum. We have goals to increase sales and revenue in the coming year, but also targets for customer satisfaction, number of internal promotions, and – of course – number of good causes supported. Having these objectives keeps us all on the same page, but also communicates our values in a tangible way. I have no doubt that Mako Consultants, Inc. has a bright future ahead, in large part due to the time and energy we spend on setting and achieving goals.”

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