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Being part of our team at Mako Consultants, Inc. means being a problem solver. We want our people to not only identify problems, but be willing to suggest solutions to help us meet and exceed our goals. As part of these efforts, we work with each associate to help them build their creative thinking skills. The ability to solve problems in creative fashions makes us more successful in the long run.

The first requirement for solving problems creatively is to have clearly defined objectives. You need to know exactly where you’re trying to end up, and you won’t worry that you’re wrong or that you’re going to fail if you know that your solution will reach the ultimate goal. While a manager may suggest a modification of your plan or opt not to accept your idea at all, you should be willing to make suggestions without fearing rejection. If your proposal isn’t the one selected, ask why and be willing to learn something from the response.

We also encourage Mako Consultants, Inc. associates to think proactively. Many times, our team members on the ground spot an issue before it becomes a problem and suggest a solution to fix it. Our leadership appreciates that they are willing to be proactive and know that their input is valued.

Thinking creatively is easier if you work in a supportive environment where you know that even if your suggestion is a dud, you’re still allowed to offer new ones in the future. Mako Consultants, Inc. team members are always encouraged to participate and we believe that’s part of what makes our team so successful.