COVID-19: Social Distancing And The Changes To The Job Market

Author: Mako Consultants Inc. | | Categories: Direct Marketing , Marketing Management , Sales Management


Although we were going through a pandemic for the largest part of the year, we are still getting used to some aspects of life. Remote working and coordinating with multiple teams and people, whether within the company or our clients, over virtual platforms does not yet seem like a reality.

Everything considered, the last year was quite challenging in many aspects, but we also managed to achieve a lot. We received an award for the best and brightest company to work for in 2020, which was quite an achievement considering the circumstances. While we were working hard to complete all the work we had, we did receive some acknowledgment and get noticed in many aspects.

Additionally, we received a lot of positive reviews put up online about the work we did. Here are some of the details of the reviews:

I recently started working at Mako Consultants and let me tell you, I love the environment! Everyone is awesome and super outgoing! The training provided is great, as it helps to reach a stable level of knowledge of the company. The opportunity that the company gives to grow into a manager position is one to take advantage of, especially in the short time that it can happen. The company culture is amazing, so much fun to be able to hang out and get to know each other better. 10/10 recommend Mako!

- Monica Gasca

I’ve been working with Mako Consultants for almost two years now, and I love it! In my opinion, it’s a very professional workplace. Everyone who works there is friendly and professional. It is a very welcoming environment. The managers are super friendly, caring and professional. I highly recommend Mako.

- Abby Graves

The training provided helps create highly skilled sales reps and immense growth to this company! Great place to work at and team-oriented culture!

- Caitlin W

When we introspected, we found that we received the reviews because of the opportunity for growth within our company. Additionally, our company has the right people and is working with the right people. We provide a homely family-feel culture, and we need to uphold the highest standards for our employees.

During the pandemic, when we were not expecting to make a lot of changes to the company, or make any changes regarding the business that we were running, we started working with Nestle Ready Refresh water. The decision to close the deal was huge as in these trying times, we can get water delivered to people’s homes at half the cost. Helping give back to our community is 100% our social responsibility in marketing.

Everything considered, over the last couple of months, we would rate our performance as a 9/10. We always have room to grow and improve, and we are looking to continue our growth as we get ready for our fall expansions.

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