Making A Difference In The Work Culture At Mako Consultants Inc

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Mako Consultants Inc is a marketing firm in Dallas, TX, that offers sales and marketing jobs, advice on direct sales and entry level marketing opportunities. Our leadership training strategy is flexible enough to practice individual career goals while ensuring maximum outcomes for our organization as well. As our associates excel in the consulting and marketing careers, they also add to the success of our firm, our clients and even their clients. 

Over the past few years, we have accomplished a number of great things. We were able to turn our client Ready Refresh into marketing experts even during this trying time in the pandemic. 

With COVID-19 and the inflated prices at stores, they were able to partner with Nestle to offer the community free water delivery at 50% off the price they pay at the store. This strategy gave them the edge they needed to stay relevant in the current market while focussing on ways that their brand can grow. It also allowed them to do their part in keeping the community safe and healthy. Recently we have had two promotions take place in our firm. We always ensure we give our associates all the necessary knowledge needed to lead offices in new markets. The growth opportunities are massive and we always encourage our employees and associates to keep striving to push themselves and work harder. Because of our attitude, we are also looking forward to two new expansions in the near future to facilitate progressive growth for our company. 

We sustain an office culture full of fun and foster opportunities for competitive compensation. We aim to be better and smarter than yesterday and have the right set of people to drive this goal. Our marketing team can engage people with some mind-blowing marketing experiences. For us, our people always come first. When a client approaches us, we make it a point to make a note of the clients’ expectations from us and create a plan to promote their brands in the most effective way possible. The goal is to attract customers and ignite their interest in the product. To achieve this, we need the right set of people who know how the market works. All our associates are well trained in every aspect of the technology sector to deliver seamless representation for our national service partners.

We guarantee that we give them the right tools to enhance their performance in the organization and the right training that will add value to their profile. We offer people what they require to excel. We’re like a family helping each other pursue personal goals in and out of the workplace. Goal-focused mindsets mixed with collaboration and camaraderie allow us to flourish together. Each of our member’s work is praised and acknowledged. Our clients always have great things to say about our employees and the services they provide. We get multiple Google reviews on the customer service of the reps here. They really make it their commitment to provide only the best customer service and to genuinely help others.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Lee was very knowledgeable and helpful during our interaction. He helped me choose exactly what we needed and even showed me how to use the app. He also let us know of the other products that were available. Great experience. Thanks Lee!

- Miguel DLS

Jiya had a personality that was out of this world. She has a very nice spirit and is very knowledgeable. Her smile had me sold. I wish there were more people in her position that carried her demeanor. She has a caring spirit, and is incredibly genuine. Thanks. 

- Joyce M. Ford (J’marie)

The culture is amazing, 10/10 would work with them again. They are very professional to work with. The team environment was something I never had experienced. Love the growth that I have experienced here!

- Claudia Oviedo

I’ve been working with Mako Consultants for almost two years now, and I absolutely love it! In my opinion, it’s a very professional work place. Everyone who works there is friendly and professional. It’s a very welcoming environment. The managers are super friendly, caring and professional. I highly recommend Mako. I can also say, they are taking social distancing very seriously. Everyone is required to wear a mask and get their temperature checked as well as put hand sanitizer on as soon as they walk in the door. Everyone is six feet apart at all times and they enforce a firm no contact rule (Hand shakes, high fives, etc.) I feel completely safe going to work knowing everyone is taking it seriously.

- Abby Graves

If you are looking for a Marketing Firm in Dallas, TX, reach out to us at Mako Consultants Inc. We represent well-known telecom and satellite television businesses with our flexible approach. We believe that the best way to gain people’s attention is to involve them in compelling marketing experiences. We use face-to-face marketing campaigns to connect with consumers, and this method has worked wonders for us. When a client approaches us, we make it a point to make a note of the clients’ expectations from us and create a plan to promote their brands in the most effective way possible.

Whether it is our energetic office, our friendly and approachable staff, or our management program, there are many reasons why we are the company to work with. We feel that smiling, motivated staff provide a better service to clients. Moreover, we move forward as a team and not as individuals or departments. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please click here.