The Mako Consultants Inc. Path to Professional Excellence

Mako Consultants Inc. takes a unique approach to professional learning. We make sure we give our associates all the necessary knowledge needed to lead offices in new markets.

Our leadership training strategy is flexible enough to practice individual career goals while ensuring maximum outcomes for our organization as well. As our associates excel in the consulting and marketing careers, they also add on to the success of Mako Consultants.

Mako Consultant Inc. Toolbox

Everyone has their own way of learning, which is why our training program is offered in various formats. There is a good mix of hands-on experience and classroom learning to provide a variety of needs. These are our points of emphasis:

  • Market analysis and evaluation
  • Communication management on both vertical and horizontal axes
  • Stress on one-on-one marketing solutions, including a focus on logistics and partner relations

Learning While Earning

The Mako Consultants Inc.’ entry-level training system positions associates to earn while building their careers. We sustain an office culture full of fun and foster opportunities for competitive compensation. Team members who complete the regimen advance to sales management in a variety of areas. These are some of the specializations they may choose to adopt:

  • Technology
  • Direct marketing
  • In-person campaigns

At Mako Consultants Inc., we offer careers with ongoing learning and advancement. We invite you to apply by sending us a cover letter and your resumé to

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