Jeremiah Johnson (Owner)

    I am originally from a little town in the Midwest called Delavan, Wisconsin. I went to school at Wisconsin and played there for 3 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management. I started working for the company in Atlanta, Georgia in November of 2015.  I moved to Texas in July of 2018 and that is when I officially became a "Texan." Some of my hobbies are all sports, a newly discovered love for ping pong, grilling out, the occasional game of Madden and hanging out with my son Beckham. What I love most about working at Mako is the fun team atmosphere and culture. 

  • Joshua Horton

    Joshua Horton (Manager)

     I am a native of Wyoming, the land of oil, coal and everything outdoors. I have an extensive educational background in graphic design with a focus on photography. I found Mako Consultants Inc in late April of 2016 and started entry level in Atlanta. That next summer I had the opportunity to go on my first major expansion to Alabama until October of 2019 where I transferred to Dallas, Texas to help manage one of the strongest offices of multiple campaigns in the nation. My hobbies are photography, image restoration, travel, and anything adventurous. I like being able to watch everyone grow and the fact that people from all walks of life can all bring something unique to the table. I love that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed no matter what the background as well as the very family friendly team culture that we have developed.

  • Andrew

    Andrew  (Manager)

    I grew up my whole life in Atlanta, Georgia. Being from a large family there was always a ton of competition so I am huge on competition. I love all sports. I have recently gotten into frisbee golf, golf and ping pong. I started in the business In 2019 and moved up very quick. What I love about it is the growth opportunity. Growth is the basis of our culture and I love that everyone has the same opportunity.


  • Sydney

    Sydney Schmidt (Administrator) 

    I am originally from a small town in New Jersey only a few minutes away from Philadelphia. I majored in business management and have a minor in psychology from Rutgers Camden. I have many talents, but one of my most remarkable is my ability to solve a Rubix cube in one minute or less. I believe my organizational skills and work ethic are unlike any other! I am a true go-getter receiving multiple awards for my impeccable work in administration.

  • Jade

    Jade (Administrator) 

    I've lived in Dallas my whole life and went to the University of North Texas for Business. I am a first generation college student and the middle child between two loving brothers! I love reading, sports, spending time with family, and anything outdoors. What makes me passionate about working for Mako Consultants is the growth opportunities it offers and the fun work culture that develops leaders.

  • Abby Graves

    Abby Graves (Administrator)

    I grew up in a small town in east Texas called Mineola. I went to college at Tyler Junior College for nursing. Shortly after I graduated and moved to California for radio for about a year but I soon found myself back in Texas. I decided to try something new other than nursing and radio and that is when I found Mako. I’ve been in the company since January of 2019. My favorite thing about the company is the culture. It is very upbeat and positive all while being very professional. Some of my hobbies are sports (softball in particular) and hanging out with my son and family.

  • Leindae Tai

    Leindae Tai (Administrator)

    I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there all my life before moving to Texas. I studied visual arts and minored in Business. I have been successfully recruiting for our company and have grown tremendously. In my free time I really enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and finding new recipes to cook. I also love hanging out with my new puppy Dallas. The ability to get to meet new people everyday and offer someone a life changing opportunity is what drives me to help others find their career as well.

  • Whitney Barber

    Whitney Barber (Administrator)

    I am originally from a small town in Alabama called Pell City. Born and raised there my whole life! I have a wonderful one year old daughter who calls herself "The Boss" and I also have six sisters, two brothers, and 24 nieces and nephews. I graduated with dental assistance from Jeff State right before starting with Mako in 2017. I enjoy teaching my daughter new things, exploring the outdoors with her, cooking, and expanding my knowledge. What made Mako Consultants my home away from home was the professional and fun environment and the unlimited opportunities to grow, but most of all, my colleagues who I consider a second family!